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New 24Knews forum

Post by Pixel8r »

I have today taken the decision to retire the old site and construct a new modern one. The new site is built using the latest versions of phpBB and is using the latest PHP version. So it working so much faster and is much easier to keep working and upgrade as new enhancements come along.

I have archived the old site and made it read-only. You can still access it via this link, to check up on previous posts -

You can also link from the old site to the new one if you want to talk about anything that was posted previously.

Because the old site was heavily modified I have not been able to carry over posts or users. So everyone is going to need to re-register on this new site. Hope to see you all soon and you will see how much better this new site is.

I will work on getting the theme looking better as soon as I get some time to dig into it. Just trying to concentrate on the functionality for now.
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